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Have you opened your post yet?  How many mailers did you open?  How many did you keep?  The answer is probably, none.   Most mailer campaigns use a scatter gun approach to marketing.  Here’s how to ensure your next mailer campaign stays out of the bin and on your prospects desk.

I am assuming you have an up-to-date database.  You will need to look at your data and select the most appropriate prospects to receive the information about the product/service you are marketing.  Not all of your services will match all of your clients.  If you are unsure whether a prospect would be interested it is best to add them to the mailer list.

Postcards are definitely the best snail mail medium.  An oversized card, bright and colourful, which can easily be pinned to a noticeboard, will be the most effective.  You can have these made specifically or you can buy a batch of ready printed ones.

I once saw a postcard from a restaurant showing an unhappy man wearing a party hat and holding a balloon.  The strapline read ‘we had to celebrate your birthday without you’ there was an offer on the back of the postcard entitling the recipient to money off their next meal.  The mailer needed to be redeemed within the month.  It really stuck in my mind as a great piece of marketing.

That’s what you are looking for.  You want your marketing to be ‘sticky’.  Ensure your mailer is focused, not too wordy, with a strong call to action and clear graphics.

As with any form of promotion you need to be consistent.  Once you’ve started your mailer campaign, keep it up!  Think outside the box.  There are so many different reasons to contact a potential client e.g. your company’s anniversary offer, their birthday, congratulate them on a success, invite them to an event, the list is endless and so are the design opportunities for each postcard.

There are many places on the internet to design and order your postcards for as little as £65 for 1,000 cards.  Take a look at http://www.overnightprints.co.uk  http://www.123print.co.uk   http://www.corners-digital-printing.co.uk  to give yourself a few pointers and ideas.  Most companies use recycled materials but if you’re unsure give them a call to check.

Finally, put a voice to your campaign.  Call your potential client, did they receive your offer?  What are their thoughts?  Feedback is essential if you want to finely tune your marketing to attract your target audience.

Do you run successful snail mail campaigns?  What is the secret of your success?

What other forms of marketing do you find to be effective?