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Think back to the last time you were planning a project that was proving to be challenging.   As you were thinking and planning your inner-voice was providing a commentary.  Stop for a moment and think, how positive/negative was your inner voice?

Does your inner-voice cheer you on?  Does it provide positive statements and point out ways to overcome problems?  Then, brilliant, you are in control.  If your inner-voice is constantly stating, ‘I can’t do this, I’ll never finish it in time, I can’t possible learn all these new skills’ then you need to take control NOW!

We all have moments when we have self-doubt which is good, in moderation.  This helps us to identify our weaknesses and helps us work through them to become stronger people.  However, if your inner-dialogue is constantly negative and you don’t take action against it, you’ll never achieve your goals.

Noticing and controlling your thought patterns is very difficult.  It’s a bit like breathing, we’ve been doing them both since we were born.  They are unconscious actions.

Next time your inner-voice becomes your biggest critic, take action.  Write down the criticism, then write next to it three reasons why your inner-voice is wrong.  Once you have done this ignore your inner-voice each time it delivers that criticism.  Just shrug your shoulders and carry on.  This should go along way to quieting the inner critique and will lead to a more positive thought pattern.

Meditation is an excellent way of learning to quieten the mind and have more control.  Try looking up a meditation class in your area, take a look on YouTube or even download an app to your phone.  I, personally, always turn to Andrew Johnson for my apps.  He provides a wide variety and I’m sure you’ll find one to suit you.  Here’s a link to his webpage: http://www.withandrewjohnson.com/

Taking time to deal with your inner critique will make you more confident and focused.  It will also help you highlight any areas of weakness that you can be improved upon.

You’ll actually enjoy each time you prove your inner critique to be wrong.

I’ve just won against my inner-voice!  Allegedly, I wasn’t going to get a blog post written this week.